Issues & Solutions

Over the course of the campaign, we'll be rolling out our solutions to the issues that are important to citizens of the 49th district. You can learn about our campaign's plans here and we welcome your thoughts on our proposed ideas! 

We'll be updating this list with more detail as the campaign progresses, so be sure to check back often on our latest ideas and how we plan to address the issues that face our little slice of Wisconsin. 



Our schools in rural Wisconsin have been devastated by deep budget cuts which has left a generation of students behind. We need to restore resources to our education system so that our schools stay open and our students are able to succeed. 


The critical infrastructure our state needs to thrive has been neglected for far too long. We need to invest in repairing our roads, bridges, and other capital needs so that our communities can remain strong and vibrant for generations to come. 

Expanded Broadband Access

Our rural communities need access to quality, high-speed internet to remain viable in the 21st century. Expanded access to broadband internet will ease burdens on rural economic development and help our schools stay connected in the information age. 

Fair Democracy

We need to put in place policies to expand and promote our democratic ideals. Making it easier for people to access their right to vote and ensure their voice is heard at the polls is the only way to counteract the extreme gerrymandering around our state.