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"The most important political office

is that of the private citizen"

 - Louis Brandeis

Mike At A Glance


I value the vital role that our families, friends, and neighbors play in preserving and nurturing our communities.

We are a diverse group of people spread across the most beautiful area of Wisconsin. Farmers, business owners, and working families all feel a strong connection to our unique piece of the world.


Local Government

Many rural Wisconsinites feel increasingly disconnected from their state government and those elected to represent them. Our government belongs to us. All of us. I pledge to give  the voice of the people back to the people. 


The grassroots nature of my candidacy ensures that the interests of a few will never take precedent over the best interests of the people of the 49th.


Natural Resources

As an avid outdoorsman, fisherman, and hunter, I am an active voice working to advocate for the protection of our air, waters, and rural landscape.

Southwestern Wisconsin is home to a beautiful landscape and natural resources that need to be preserved for future generations of Wisconsinites. 

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November 6, 2018

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